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Why us?

Our vision is to change the world by making it a better place and by increasing the quality of life.

We want to use our brains to not only help customers, but also to contribute to humanity wellness by supporting children in difficult situations overcome their conditions.

We are constantly looking for people to help change the world and we recruit the best people we can find.

VK Solutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer and insists on fair, non-discriminative treatment for all employees, in recruitment and in selection for promotion or training opportunities, irrespective of race, color, nationality, age, sex, ethnic origin, marital status, disability, religion, or any other basis covered by law.

We ignore the irrelevant like experience and backgrounds of candidates. We want smart people, not necessary "degreed" people, and neither people having worked in the same industry or in the same function.

Employment decisions are based on main three factors:

  • Can the candidate do what we need?
  • Does the candidate believe in the meaning of what we’re going to make?
  • Does the candidate have the strengths we need?

If the candidate passes these tests, then we will do the necessary to get him .

After the candidate is on board, we define a honeymoon period of ninety days during which both parties ensure things are working out.

We also make the effort to recruit the candidate again and again every day to ensure he wants to come back the next day.